The PiCASSo Lab

Welcome to the PiCASSo Lab. The Pervasive Computing and Smart Sensing Lab designs and develops innovative sensing systems that lie at the intersection of smart urban communities and medical cyber-physical systems. We leverage pervasive sensing devices, including but not limited to smartphones, cameras, and wearables, towards developing a multimodal data integration and interpretation framework.


JawSense: Recognizing Unvoiced Sound using a Low-cost Ear-worn System

JawSense explores a new wearable system enabling a novel form of human-computer interaction based on unvoiced jaw movement tracking. JawSense allows its user to interact with computing machines just by moving their jaw.

LiftRight: Quantifying performance measures for fitness domains

LiftRight is a low-cost abstraction that captures upper body dynamics and computes several performance measures accurately.

A-spiro: Toward perpetual breathing monitoring

A-spiro is a single-point wearable sensing technique to estimate respiratory flow and volume, in addition to respiratory rate.